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The 5STAR Frame Machine is a chassis is for heavy duty vehicles of all types. It is widely considered to be the most accurate and efficient system available on the market today, with unlimited possibilities of configuration and installation to fit your shop’s needs.


Semi’s and large trucks require special equipment to be able to handle the truck frame straightening that is required to ensure the vehicle is fixed properly. We at 5STARTOOLS takes the guess work out with the use of a full size truck frame straightening bench.


The 5STAR Truck Frame Straightening Machine is one of the most powerful, heavy-duty frame straightening machines available and it is specially designed to repair frames on medium and heavy duty semi-trucks, school buses and box trucks.


The 5STAR Truck Frame Repair Machine has 6 independent pivoting towers and portable rams that allow for frame repairs by pulling at 360 degrees at over 20 tons each of pulling power. This allows the repair technicians to reverse collision forces gently, utilizing low-equalized pressure, removing the damage, and assuring a fast and accurate repair.


The 5STAR frame machine is widely considered to be the Cadillac of truck frame straightening machines and is widely considered to be the most accurate and efficient system on the market.


Technical Data:


1.Working Length 39'

2.Working Width 8.4'

3. Working Platform Height 600mm

4. Max. Loading Capacity 40,000 KG

5. Tower Height 2.26/4.2m

6. Tower Pulling Range 270°

7. Tower Pulling/pushing force 25T TO 50T



1. The platform is made of I-beam tube.


2. The hydraulic towers can be moved freely alongside the platform and turn 270° as operating.

The hydraulic cylinders work vertically, resulting in maximum force and most powerful effectiveness.


3. High quality chains and plate tools are used flexibly and conveniently with long life.

The entire series of tools accessories enable to do any misshape correction work.


4. Hydraulic system with good design has powerful driving force, long life and low failure rate.


5. Major clamps fix the auto quickly, firmly and accurately.


6. Applying parallel-connect synchronous hydraulic cylinder with high synchronous precision;

the integral mechanical lock is processed one-time.


7. Without synchronous errors; the sharing beam adopts high quality manganese plate and

all the welding positions ensure the position of shafts and holes.


8. Special design for lifting forces; in order to improve the service life of the oil cylinder,

increase the oil cylinder diameter is increased and double oil cylinder lift at the same time.





1. Straightening bench 11800×2560×600 mm


2 Ramps 4500mm/7.374° 2 pieces


3 Pulling Tower 25 T 1950×290×2260 mm Chains×4(¢16*5m) 6 sets with hydraulic inside


4 Extension Part of Tower 200×150×2000 mm Chains×2 (¢12×8m) 2pcs


5 Air Pump 70 Mpa 4pcs


6 Main Clamp 4


7 Push Up towards system 25T 2pcs


8 Back pull system beam length 2.5m;Turnbuckle M20 2;butterfly clasp 2;

bow shackles 2个;pear style ring 2; Φ10 chain 2 1set


9 Slide push system 25T cylinder built-in 1pc


10 cab straightening system height adjustable clamp spanner 2 clamp 2 Beam 1 set

clamp assembly 1


11 G clamp 25T-10T 25T 1set 10T 1set


12 Pull Down System 2pcs


13 Front axle repairing system 40T Pulling steels 1pc


14 Cold anchor machine(except air pump)40 T 1pc


15 Other toolings and parts included in the quotation as below(take the photo as below for referrence)


15-1 Tooling Board 1pc

15-2 Edge correction Clamp 2pcs

15-3 Pulling Clamp 2pcs

15-4 Pull Down tool 1pc

15-5 G-Clamp 1pc

15-6 Hand pliers 1pc

15-7 "弓" Style Clamps 2pcs

15-8 turn up edging clamp 1pc

15-9 Assistant clamp for Push Up System 3pcs


7-a Wrench 1pc

7-b Deep Hook 2pcs

7-c Cable Sling 1pc

7-d Strong Sling 1pc

7-e Sill Hook 1pc

7-f Double Hook 1pc

7-g mini Clamp(two way) 1pc

7-h Big Clamp 1

7-i Handy Link 1pc

7-j Twin Pull 1pc

7-k Frame Rack Unibody Clamp 1pc

7-l Small Jaw Tong Clamp 1pc

7-m Pulley Assembly 1pc

7-n Metal Hooks 2pcs









  • Ships by truck freight. Forklift required at time of delivery, if no Forklift is available you can request a liftgate for an additional charge.

    Products that are shipped freight and have free shipping are shipped to COMMERCIAL/BUSINESS ADDRESS with Loading Dock or Forklift. Buyer is responsible for unloading.

    IF AVAILABLE: Residential address will apply $125.00 shipping charges if available + $120 Lift gate charge for residential address deliveries.

    If buyer does not have COMMERCIAL/BUSINESS ADDRESS we can ship to shipping company terminal near the buyer and buyer can pick up from shipping company terminal at no additional cost.


    Commercial Address Eligibility:

    • Must be zoned commercial or industrial
    • Must be owned or leased by a registered business
    • Must have receiving hours between 8am & 5pm (Monday - Friday)
    • Must be accessible by a tractor trailer
    • Must be equipped with a loading dock (48”- 52”) or a forklift to quickly and safely unload freight
    • Notification or appointment will not be provided prior to delivery



    • ​Residential or home businesses
    • Farms or Ranches
    • Limited Access Locations
    • Limited access may also include commercial businesses not open to the walk-in public or where an employee is not available to assist with loading or unloading.
    • Camps, places of worship, educational institutions, construction sites, fairs and carnivals, individual/mini storage units, military base/installations, mine sites, some government facilities, schools, businesses located outside city limits, rural locations and farms.
    • Deliveries requiring an appointment or delivery notification


    Weekend deliveries

    Locations outside of the continental US

    • ***Shipping to *Puerto Rico, *Alaska, *Hawaii and all International buyers is additional Please contact us Before purchasing!


    Return & Exchange Policy

    Buyer have 14 days to return. Buyer pays for return shipping.

    Once the 5starttools receives the item back from the buyer, 5startools Team have 2 business days to issue your refund. When the refund is issued, the buyer will receive an email letting them know that the refund has been issued.

    It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for a PayPal refund to go through. If you paid with

    a credit card, it may take up to 30 days to process, depending on your card provider.

    The buyer will be charged a 15% Restocking fee.

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