This set comes with one of each tool listed below as shown in the picture:

1) Heavy Duty Tie Down Hook Cluster with chain Auto Body Frame Machine Repair Towing tool 16 inches
2) T Hook Chain 5/16 G7 Heavy Duty
3) Chief style Frame machine Slotted Chain Plate 606548
4) MO Clamp style 3220 Round Nose Sheet Metal Hook L hook Auto Body Frame Too
5)  Mo Clamp Style Grab Double Hook Auto Body Frame Machine Tool TOW TRUCK WRECKER
6) MO Clamp 2450 Style Shock Strut Tower Puller Clamp Auto Body Frame Machine clamp
7) 3 Ton Frame Back Self-Tightening Grips & Auto Body Repair Pull Clamp
8) Auto Body Frame Repair tool clamp Handy Link 5 Ton Pull Link Chain Lock
9) Double Looper Claw Hooks Clamp Bumper Hook Pull Auto Body Frame Machine tool
10) Right Angle Auto Body Repair Pull Pulling Clamp Frame Repair
11) Mo-clamp MCL4030 style Self-Tightening Grip Pull Heavy Duty Clamp
12) Mo-Clamp style, 0200 C Clamp Auto Body Frame Machine clamp tools
13) Steel Cable with loops
14) Mo-Clamp style 1300 Sill Hook Tooth Round Hook Clamp Grip Pull Auto Body
15) Double Claw Hook Chain Sorter Mo-Clamp style 4120 Frame Machine tool
16) Mo Clamp Style Ford T Hook w Grab Hook Heavy Duty Auto Body Frame Machine tool
17) Jr. Clamp Mo Clamp Style 5 Ton Auto Body Frame Machine Repair Pull Clamp


Please note 

that the color of this tool might be different from pictures depending on availability. Either RED, BLUE, TURQUOISE, YELLOW, ORANGE, GOLD, SILVER whichever is available will be shipped out. 



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