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5 STAR Pulling Post Kit for Frame Straightening with FREE CLAMPS, TOOLS AND 3 TON AIR GO JACK!! MORE PICTURES BELOW!!!
REPAIR EXTENSIVE FRAME DAMAGE - Restore smashed frames back to their original condition.
PORTABLE - Attach the post to the base and remove it when required.
Includes post, 10 ton pump, 10 ton ram, hydraulic hose, male and female coupler, and two chains (11 feet & 5 feet)
HEIGHT - 55" Tall
Easy Puller Kit Includes:
1) 1 Pulling Post
2) 1 Ton Ram
3) 1 Air/Hydraulic 5 STAR pump(10,000 PSI)
4) 1 High Press hose
5) 1 Quick coupler male and female connector
6) 1 x 11 Feet pulling chain
7) 1 x  5 Feet chains
Total of 2 chains
8) FREE 3 Ton Air go Jack (FREE Air Go Jack 3 ton 6600 Lbs Triple Bag either with a short handle or long handle, which ever is available will be given)


FREE Clamps & Tools that are included are:


1) 1  Jumbo Hook SET with 1 short pad and 1 long pad T192

2) 1 3 Ton "O Clamp" Frame Back Self-Tightening Grips & Auto Body Repair Pull Clamp T119A

3) 1 Mo-Clamp style 4120 Double Claw Hook Chain Sorter Double Hook Auto Body Frame Machine tool T108

4) 1 Steel Cable with loops T169

5) 1 Jr. Clamp Mo Clamp Style 5 Ton Auto Body Frame Machine Repair Pull Clamp T115

6) 1 5 Ton Right Angle Auto Body Repair Pull Pulling Clamp Frame Machine Repair Tool T136

7) 1 Mo-Clamp style, 0200 C Clamp Auto Body Frame Machine clamp tools T117

8) 1 3 TON Mini Pull Clamp Self-Tightening Grips Auto Body Frame Machine Tool T139

9) 1  Mo-Clamp style MOC6300 Nylon Sling T175

10) 1 MO Clamp style 3220 Flat Nose Sheet Metal Hook L hook Auto Body Frame Tool T101

11) 1 3 Ton Mo-Clamp style 1300 Sill Hook Tooth Round Hook Clamp Grip Pull Auto Body T120

12) 1 Grab Hook G70 3/8 Forged ML T172

13) 1 Grab Hook G70 3/8 Forged ML T172

14) 1  11 Feet pulling chain

15) 1   5 Feet chains

****Total of 2 chains****



Portable Auto Body Pulling Post Frame Straightener

  • Ships by truck freight. Forklift required at time of delivery, if no Forklift is available you can request a liftgate for an additional charge.

    Products that are shipped freight and have free shipping are shipped to COMMERCIAL/BUSINESS ADDRESS with Loading Dock or Forklift. Buyer is responsible for unloading.

    IF AVAILABLE: Residential address will apply $125.00 shipping charges if available + $120 Lift gate charge for residential address deliveries.

    If buyer does not have COMMERCIAL/BUSINESS ADDRESS we can ship to shipping company terminal near the buyer and buyer can pick up from shipping company terminal at no additional cost.


    Commercial Address Eligibility:

    • Must be zoned commercial or industrial
    • Must be owned or leased by a registered business
    • Must have receiving hours between 8am & 5pm (Monday - Friday)
    • Must be accessible by a tractor trailer
    • Must be equipped with a loading dock (48”- 52”) or a forklift to quickly and safely unload freight
    • Notification or appointment will not be provided prior to delivery



    • ​Residential or home businesses
    • Farms or Ranches
    • Limited Access Locations
    • Limited access may also include commercial businesses not open to the walk-in public or where an employee is not available to assist with loading or unloading.
    • Camps, places of worship, educational institutions, construction sites, fairs and carnivals, individual/mini storage units, military base/installations, mine sites, some government facilities, schools, businesses located outside city limits, rural locations and farms.
    • Deliveries requiring an appointment or delivery notification


    Weekend deliveries

    Locations outside of the continental US

    • ***Shipping to *Puerto Rico, *Alaska, *Hawaii and all International buyers is additional Please contact us Before purchasing!


    Return & Exchange Policy

    Buyer have 14 days to return. Buyer pays for return shipping.

    Once the 5starttools receives the item back from the buyer, 5startools Team have 2 business days to issue your refund. When the refund is issued, the buyer will receive an email letting them know that the refund has been issued.

    It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for a PayPal refund to go through. If you paid with

    a credit card, it may take up to 30 days to process, depending on your card provider.

    The buyer will be charged a 15% Restocking fee.

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